Marketing Developer at Toggl Track Toggl Track is a time tracking app that allows users to track their daily activities across different platforms, providing detailed insights to optimize productivity.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development

Tech Stack

HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript, Git. Recently have been wrangling with: ReactJS, Gatsby, ES6


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Google Analytics, Figma, Sketch, Mailchimp and Intercom Emails

Web Design & Development

  • Develop marketing landing pages and serve as a bridge between the marketing and front-end teams
  • "Flair Advocate": Finding ways to introduce flair to landing pages, such as incorporating animations
  • Work with the product marketer and SEO specialist to optimize the website for leads, sign ups, SEO and performance
Screenshot of an app feature Screenshot of an app feature
Stylized screenshots for landing pages
Animations to showcase a product, done with Adobe After Effects
Screenshot of a desktop app with feature explanations around it
Screenshot of an interactive display showcasing features of Toggl Track's desktop app. All elements are built with HTML and CSS.

Graphic Design

  • Create marketing collaterals such as display ads, sales proposals, and presentation decks
  • Occasionally take on the role of Project Manager if we were to hire freelancers for bigger projects
  • Used Adobe InDesign that one time to complete a project that we took over from a freelancer
Sample data usage report done for Toggl Track
Data report for users, done with Figma


  • Part PPC Specialist for ~12 months, where I had to create and maintain Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns with quarterly budgets ranging from $300 to $15K. This role also includes conducting campaign optimization and implementing retargeting strategies, event tracking and reporting in Google Analytics
My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
  • Learned Adobe After Effects for simple animations. This was eventually required even if my primary tool was HTML and CSS due to the lack of options to export HTML/CSS into high-quality GIFs or videos.
  • Learned more about ad campaigns, even if I wasn't a fan of the process (or the platform); there is a certain satisfaction in successfully getting an ad down to $0.01 per click.
  • I got a MacBook, which then kick-started my learning of using Sketch. I am almost a Figma convert now, though.

Her landing page work and animations are so so so awesome. Next level stuff. She also has this natural curiosity to just try new things. Feedback in an anonymized 360° review at work