UI/UX Designer at JobKred JobKred is a digital workforce and skills development platform that helps individuals and organisations stay relevant and future-ready for the rapid changes in today’s economy.

Product Design, Visual Design, Web Development

The role

As the first employee of the company and its founding designer, I wore multiple hats related to design and front-end development. My primary focus was to rapidly design and develop the web app and landing pages as we navigated the startup seas in search of a product-market fit (and we succeeded). Occasionally, I took on tasks such as graphic design for print, usability testing, user interviews, and customer support.

Tech Stack

HTML, CSS (SCSS) with Bootstrap framework, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, phpMyAdmin for SQL, Git


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Analytics, Mailchimp/Mandrill, Hotjar, Optimizely

Screenshot ot text editor, consisting of a note asking for help with many line break elements
My job summarized

Product Design, Web Design & Development

  • Designed and developed all marketing landing pages and the web app, with accompanying graphics
  • Ran usability tests with users and interviews with stakeholders and potential target market
  • Developed quick prototypes to demonstrate alpha features for sales presentations
Screenshot of a landing page for JobKred.com
Snippet of a landing page targeted to businesses
Vector graphics and illustrations for JobKred
Vector graphics made for the web app, including the "Hidden DotA characters" series

Graphic Design

  • Designed all marketing collaterals such as web banners, flyers, brochures and buntings
Sample school report with data usage of students
A report showcasing data usage, designed with Microsoft Word (lol)
Sample brochure for JobKred: Page 3
Sample brochure for JobKred: Page 1
Sample brochure for JobKred: Page 2
Sample marketing flyer for JobKred
Marketing flyer


  • Worked on product development with the CEO to determine prioritization of features and direction of the product based on client requirements, data and user feedback
  • Customer/tech support
Photo of people using computers in a room
Design validation and user testing session
My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
  • Designed and maintained the CSS architecture using BEM and SMACSS methodologies. I also presented a talk about it at a local meetup in Singapore.
  • Designed something taller than I am!
Photo of a woman holding a brochure and standing next to a tall bunting
Said tall thing

Olivia was one of the first team members of JobKred and was instrumental to the beginnings of the company. She was versatile and adaptable, able to contribute across a variety of roles, and also very skilled at her main role at the company. Gary Gan, CEO of JobKred