CodePen Demos CodePen is an online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets. And I showcase many snippets. Design of each pen is mine unless otherwise stated in the description of the pen.

Web Design, Web Development

Partial screenshot of a style guide

CSS Grid: Style Guide

A style guide and various page layouts, inspired by the Atomic Design principle. Each pen comes with five color themes, including the precious dark mode.

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Partial screenshot of a front page of the Marvel Magazine

CSS Grid: Marvel Magazine

I had a lot of Marvel information/trivia at the back of my head and one day, I decided to make a magazine with 14 different layouts.

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Screenshot of a stats dashboard

Taylor Swift UI Designs

A collection of 9 demos, inspired by each of Taylor Swift's album covers. Concepts vary from dashboards to landing pages.

My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
  • Listened to many of her songs while working on this, eventually contributing to my 0.5% top listener stat for Taylor Swift on Spotify
Screenshot of four web toggles


As part of a few joke pens I did, these are some toggles that I kinda want to see sometimes. Not to be taken seriously.

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Partial screenshot of a workout assistant app

Workout Schedule

One of the more JS-heavy projects I've done, the concept of this tool is to track workout challenges. Inspired by my lack of ability to keep up with workout challenges during quarantine.

Screenshot of a Peru map illustration with stats on the left

26 Days in Peru

I recently took interest in data visualization. But instead of using JS for graphs, I took the JS-for-graphics route. Map animated with GSAP ScrollTrigger.

My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
  • I get to show off my travel expense data
Screenshot of titles and sketch-like elements

Bullet Journal Styles

Inspired by bullet journals, this demo includes sketch-like buttons and borders, highlighter effects and washi tapes!

My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
Screenshot of the cover of the Marauder's map

Harry Potter: Marauder's Map

My favoritest Codepen deserves a spot here! Saying the words 'I solemnly swear up to no good' and 'Mischief managed' will open and close the map respectively.

My Favorite WinFavorite Wins
  • The fact that it worked, since I had zero expectations