About Me

I'm Olivia Ng (IPA: ŋ), a UI/UX developer with 7 years of experience in web design and development. I currently work as a Marketing Developer at Toggl Track and stay occupied with side projects like mini CodePens.

Because of my strong preference for CSS (and perhaps, a slight aversion to JavaScript), I tend to gravitate towards researching all-CSS solutions and try to push the boundaries of CSS just a little. My favorite question is "Can this be done with just CSS?"

Other than design and CSS, I'm into pretty data visualizations, the minimalist lifestyle and exploring new places. When the world isn't in chaos (thanks, 2020!), I am a digital nomad and I write about my travel experiences twice a year.

I go by the handle 'Meowlivia' on social media.

Profile photo of Olivia holding a sign that says 'Meow'
Mini trivia
Photo of a meowl: a cat face photoshopped on an owl

Meowlivia = Meowl + ivia

A meowl is a fictional animal, made up of a combination of an owl and a cat. It has no significance; I just like cats and owls.