Life Wrapped: 2021 in Review

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In 2021, I tracked a ton of personal stats.

I also did this in 2020 but I saw no reason to create a blog post; I did post about it on Twitter though. To be fair, I still find very little reason to write this blog post as the content will not be beneficial to anyone else. But I do think this is something cool to look back on in the future!

Mood/Mental Health

My mental health was completely garbage in 2021 haha.

The best way I can describe is that I felt that my mind was being driven up the wall every day in the first half of 2021. It was a combination of things: slow vaccine rollout in my country and the lack of social activities or outings.

Here, let me show you.

Chart showing total outings in 2021

The biggest factor was actually workβ€”it just wasn't enjoyable in terms of workload and responsibility (Hint: it was more JavaScript than I was comfortable with πŸ˜‚).

When such a big part of your life isn't bringing you much joy, it's pretty difficult to keep spirits up in other aspects. The struggle with work also completely killed my joy for coding, which meant that I had no energy or motivation to work on personal projects after work.

I only did 28 days of coding as a hobby (28!! 😱 blasphemy) vs 92 in 2020 and 104 in 2019.

However, I chose not to make any drastic changes, especially a job change, due to the pandemic. Things did get much, much better in the second half of the year.

I also am cautious that everyone was dealing with the negatives of the pandemic one way or another, so me being an ungrateful piece of shit while still sitting comfortably in my home with a somewhat safe job wasn't a card I was going to play often πŸ˜†

At the end of the day, even if my mental health was six feet underground, I am firmly in the "this is such a first world/privileged problem" camp.

Especially during the times when the people in my country flew white flags asking for help or when an unexpected flood hit my state and everyone was scrambling to help save lives and homes... it really makes you stop and thinkβ€”what was the issue I was whining about again?

Nope, no issues lol.


I watched a total of 1189 episodes of series (731 in 2020β€”a 62% increase!).

The increase in workload directly caused this. I let shows run in the background when I work, mostly 'mindless' shows like sitcoms (Friends) or shows that I'm rewatching (Bones).

Left: Donut chart of genre of series watched. Right: A list of most watched series.
I really like crime procedural shows, even if the format sometimes gets a bit stale.

I watched 44 movies. Fun fact: I also watched 44 movies in 2020.

I cannot pinpoint any one movie that I truly recommend. But I can give you a recommendation based on how many tears I shed wtf.

  • Shed a lot of tears: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (I also watched the new anime seasonβ€”the first 9 episodes is basically the movieβ€”and I still cried a ton so there's that).

  • Shed a few tears: Spiderman: No Way Home.

  • Shed a tear (like, literally a tear): Soul (Pixar movie), The Eternals.

This is why I keep thinking if I should purchase Disney stocks.


Exercise became such a huge part of my life, mainly because there was nothing else to do πŸ˜„

Bar and donut chart of total hours of workouts done in 2021
I love it when there's a significant difference and I try to figure out what's going on. I had to attend a multi-day funeral in July and I traveled in November so my rhythm got thrown off. No idea what's up with January though.

I did 103% more workouts compared to 2020β€”a total of 267 workouts and tracked 260 hours and 42 minutes. My go-to workout channels in 2021 are Madfit, Heather Robertson, Pamela Reif and Caroline Girvan, in order of increasing difficulty.

I started running again this year. I hate it, thanks. But I will never shoot myself in the foot (or maybe I will, so that I can avoid running) as I know the health benefits are more important than my disdain for it. I ran a total of 147km in 2021.

The silver lining is cat photography. I took a total of 65 photos of cats in my neighborhood!

A collage of 10 photos of stray cats

I cannot stress enough how important having a social/community component to make a sport enjoyable. If you want to get into a sport and need help committing, you should ask your friends to tag along or find a good gym/studio that has supportive instructors.

Donut chart of types of workouts done in 2021


I enjoyed bouldering but when my bouldering buddy left to Germany for new beginnings (#betrayed), I found that I didn't enjoy it at all solo. It is also very difficult to pace myself between climbs without a companion.


Yoga was something that I felt very meh about but found the motivation to do it because I really like the instructor. We were doing online classes for a bit and there were two 2-week online programs in August. God knows how I woke up at 7am almost every day for it. I would internally whine with every goddamn sun salutation that I had to do, but shit, I was still waking up every day and doing it.

It was also these 4 weeks that helped me hit a personal record. For the first time ever in my life (and probably the only time), I did more workouts in a month (33) than there are days in said month. It was August.

I was also doing yoga with my sister and a mutual friend. It was very fun to discuss all the poses we could not do during post-yoga brunches so that was an additional social factor.

Pole dancing

The same bouldering buddy who went to Germany was also my pole dancing buddy (#betrayed). I chose to continue on because the instructors are great.

I even bought a pole for my home! I started pole dancing in 2020 but I'm actually still a noob because most of 2020-2021 was spent being in lockdown. Sports/recreational activities would be allowed for a few weeks and when we started to see some progress, the government ordered another lockdown.

So I got a pole and tried to make do with online tutorials so I don't lose whatever progress I made.

Screenshot of a conversation
Featuring a conversation with the ex-bouldering + pole dancing buddy to transition into the next category


I'm just putting this category here because I am embarrassed by the data.

A big reason why I work out so much is so I can consume garbage without shortening my lifespan by too many years. My weakness is definitely desserts.

Featuring stats for junk food consumption
I singled out desserts because it's the worst. I don't think caffeine is necessarily bad and I only need one cup of caffeine a day to function.

As per the conversation above, I'm making some effort to reduce it.

Another disgusting data is that I ordered food deliveries a total of 201 times, compared to 49 takeaways and 90 dine-ins. I mean, 75% of the year was basically lockdowns so... it makes sense?

Truthfully, on days when I needed a pick-me-up, I'd order something to make myself feel better, and yeah... there were a lot of those days.

(Abandoned) New hobbies

Photos of a cup of coffee with latte art, little dollops of cookie dough and a pot of succulents

Latte art

Practiced latte art 77 times. This was a hobby I picked up at the end of 2020, but I ended up not doing much because I dislike self-made instant coffee lattes. Instant coffee? OK. Instant coffee latte? Hell no.


I picked up baking and I actually quite enjoyed it and even saw significant improvements (I started out bad) after 32 days of practice but I eventually stopped because it was not worth the weight gain.

Plant Parenting

Got a pot of succulents as a gift from friends and I tried keeping them alive with little success. I don't have data of how many days I've spent tending to them (it was every day for a few months) but I do have expenditure data. I spent ~$115 trying to save them (soils, fertilizers, complementary plants, and oh my god, why are pots so expensive??) before I decided to let the universe take them.


Dubai, UAE πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ

When cases were pretty low in most parts of the world (the dip between Delta and Omicron), we did a cross-team meetup in Dubai. Although it wasn't my first or fifth choice, it ended up being a good place to go as UAE had the highest vaccination rate at the time of visit.

And despite that, they were still very strict about social distancing and having to wear a mask in public places at all times. I like.

Photo of a group in the desert in Dubai, UAE
Team building at the desert lol

Bentong, Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ

My country finally allowed interstate travel so I went on a vacation with my extended family. 17 humans! It's a staycation of sorts?

Although I wouldn't consider it chill (a bit more like organizing and accommodating the older generation and younger generationβ€”kids. so many kids.), it's the first time we got to spend time together in the past 22 months in a happier setting. Otherwise, the only gathering we'd have had is for a funeral πŸ’€.

View of greenery in One Acres, Bentong
The view at the eco resort we stayed at!


Turned 30! Got a tattoo.

Photo of a person in front of food and a cake, and another photo of a tattoo of a gyoza on the ankle

These two events are not related in any way πŸ˜„ I got a tattoo of gyozaβ€”it's Japanese dumpling... but I love all dumplings. I tell people my favorite cuisine is dumplings. That said, I only ate dumplings 38 times in 2021 (yes, I have this type of data too). Anyway, that number is way too low; I need to fix that this year.

Was a bridesmaid...

... for the first time for one of my best friends. I joked that I passed up the opportunity to attend a BTS concert to attend her wedding. The cutest thing is that when I told her that the dates clash, she said, "You go. I understand." 🀣πŸ₯Ί

Received some PDFs!

As the official Goodbye PDF generator in my company, I never thought I would say this: I got two PDFs this year!

One on my birthday by (mostly) ex-colleagues...

A collage of photos
This also came with a Haikyuu-themed GAME!

... and another BTS/cat-themed in late December (it's a "New Year PDF") by my colleagues.

Screenshot of the PDF featuring a pastel-colored theme inspired by the BTS album, Love Yourself: Answer and cats.
Top right is the cover of a BTS album. You can see that the cover and title pages are inspired by it. AND CATS! Don't mind me pointing, it's just a thing I do; I don't even want to explain this.

This was so lovely aahhh 😍

Final Sentiment

I lost a lot of my soul to work and some days, I think that I may have actually lost all enthusiasm for my career. But I know in a few years, or months even, I'll look back at 2021 and say that I've gained a lot socially. Just getting the chance to build stronger relationships and memories with people whom I love is enough and I hope I can carry this on for life.

To more travels and less desserts in 2022... πŸ₯²